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How to Treat Your Skin

Skin Care Techniques

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UMS Tattoo Removal will teach you skin care techniques for treating your skin after the procedure. Skin care is always important but it is even more important after the procedure. It cannot be stressed enough, the importance of keeping hydrated and healthy. Always remember, hydration is number one!  In order for your body to effectively remove the shattered ink, good health is imperative. Drink lots of water after your treatment and do your best to maintain a healthy diet. Good skin is an inside job. Our skin is a reflection of what we put in our bodies.

NEVER PICK OR SCRATCH the treated area! You may apply Polysporin/Antibiotic ointment to the treated area for the first few
days. If after treatments, crusting or blisters appear, do not break them! Picking or scratching is what leads to scarring.

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