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Under My Skin Tattoo Removal uses a Quanta laser to perform tattoo removal. It is one of the Highest Quality Lasers available for this process.

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The goal of any tattoo removal laser is to SHATTER ANY COLOR OF INK WHILE LEAVING THE SKIN UNDAMAGED. At Under My Skin Tattoo Removal we use a Q-PLUS C, Q-switched Quanta laser, one of the very best at achieving this goal; not only because the laser energy is delivered in extremely short pulses (six nanoseconds) using a square target area (causing thermal interactions with skin tissue to be reduced to a minimum), but because our laser has three true wavelengths, enabling us to remove All Colors.

As a client of Under My Skin Tattoo Removal, you may breathe easy, knowing a Q-PLUS C Quanta laser will be used.

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