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How Tattoo Removal Works

Advanced Laser Technology

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With advances in laser technology, we are at a time when tattoos are no longer permanent and can be safely removed with no downtime or scarring. When tattoos are given, the needle penetrates the epidermal layer of skin, depositing ink within the dermal layer. The body then attempts to heal the damage done by the needle, which further encapsulates the ink within the dermis. Here is where it remains as a tattoo. Through laser treatments this ink is targeted, shattered and flushed away by the body’s immune system. Early options for removing tattoos ranged from serious burning and scraping, to cutting out the tattoo and suturing the area back together. Today, surgery is not necessary. We can now use lasers to break up the ink into such tiny particles that it can then be carried away and disposed of, all under
the skin.

Please keep in mind that tattoo removal is a process. The number of treatments needed for complete removal range anywhere from one to fifteen. This is because removal depends upon:  the laser used, the area of body being treated, the age of the client and the age of the tattoo, the inks used, the client’s immune system, and skin tones. Each individual’s health is of primary importance.