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Infection Prevention

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Infection prevention tips||||

If possible, avoid smoking at least one month before and after your treatment. Always keep the treated area clean and covered. Never scrub the treated area – gentle patting will suffice. Bandages should cover the treated area while allowing the skin to breathe. A cool compress may be applied the first 24 hours after treatment at fifteen minute intervals.  

Tylenol may be taken – DO NOT take Aspirin or Ibuprofen products.

First Three Days Following Treatment:

  • Do not soak treated area in water.
  • If instructed by laser specialist, the treated area should be covered with a thin layer of polysporin and a gauze bandage.  Some treatments will not require a bandage, though all will require being kept clean and dry.
  • With bandaging, apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment and cover loosely with gauze for the first two days.

After The Third Day:

  • If bandage is required, remove bandage and allow area to dry.
  • No soaking the area in water until all scabs or blisters are completely healed.
  • When bathing or showering, keep the treated area out of water as much as possible.  Use cool/lukewarm water, mild soap and gentle patting (no scrubbing).
  • Keep hydrated and keep the treated area out of the Sun!